Christmas Eve 2005

Kathie, Jimmy and Rebecca Scutt arrived at 2pm today to meet Ellery and spend Christmas Eve. with us. We went to my mother’s apartment on Hicks St. for dinner. My mom made yet another one of her fantastic dinners served buffet style because there were so many people: it was Kathie, Jimmy, Rebecca, me, Peter, Ellery, my dad, mom, Maureen, Jay, Rachel and my friend Jackie Broner.

Of course, it was all a bit stressful for me because I was busy preparing the Christmas dinner in advance for the next day. Luckily, Maureen came over early and helped me prepare the stuffing, potatoes, yams and brussel sprouts. When we got to my mother’s place, I had to feed Ellery while everyone else was eating all the great food. I got worried that there wouldn’t be anything left for me to eat, and I was really hungry! But of course there was plenty of food left as it was my mom’s house and she always makes extra food. Something to do with being Italian? Or is that a stereotype? Either way, the food was really good and it always tastes better when someone else is doing the cooking. Thank goodness, I didn’t have to make Christmas Eve. dinner and Christmas Day!

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