Our New House

The closing date is set for December 15th and we are buying our first house (actually, first house for me, second for Peter as he owned a flat in England). Ellery, Peter, Asia and I will have a house to call our own. We originally began looking Upstate in Rockland County, around the Nyack area, but after making an offer on a 4-bedroom colonial house in Pearl River, NY that was turned down, we started looking in New Jersey and found that there are more of the styles of houses that we like. Peter and I don’t like raised ranches, or even regular ranches. Even though they have a lot of interior space, the outside is bland and reminds me of a trailer. No offense to people that live in trailers or raised-ranches, but they aren’t for us. We love the Colonial, Victorian and Tudor style houses and found many in New Jersey. So we are moving into a 3-bedroom Tudor house with a great finished attic. It isn’t a conventional Tudor, more of a Faux-Tudor with a similar layout to a Side-Hall Colonial.

I don’t have time to go into all the details of the house-hunt at this point, but it started this past July and we finally made our accepted offer in late October. I’m glad I’m forgetting all the grueling details of looking and that my sanity is still somewhat intact. Now to rest up for all the work ahead of packing, painting, repairs etc. etc. This house doesn’t need a lot of work compared to most of the houses we looked at in our price range, but it still has lots of little things that need fixing. Welcome to home-ownership. Now if we can just get a comfortable couch to rest on in between sanding and painting sessions, oh, and a bed, and bookshelves, and …

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