Keir is Born!

Keir is born! Our second son is finally here! He was born at 2:15pm weighing 7.1 lbs. I had another scheduled C-Section because of my previous fibroid surgery and because it was 38 weeks instead of 38.5 weeks, I was required to have another amniocentisis to make sure that the baby’s lungs were ready. I didn’t want to have another amnio but I would have had to have the baby on July 8th, or take the chance of having him on July 4th if I went into early labor. I had to fast after midnight with no water or food.

We arrived at the hospital at 8am and went to the third floor of St. Barnabas Hospital to the P.E.T. department. I forget what that stands for, something about prenatal treatment. They had me undress, put on a gown and go into a room for the amnio. I didn’t have the pre-admission blood work done because I wasn’t sure that I would be having the baby that day, and I’m sorry I didn’t because I had this horrible technician take blood and insert an IV into my arm. The IV hurt, but what was worse, and one of the worst parts of the whole experience, was that when she tried to take some blood for testing, she used the inside of my arm where I always get a horrible bruise and she couldn’t get the blood so she kept digging into my vein for what seemed like an hour! It was excruciatingly painful while another nurse was asking me all these questions about my medical history. Needless to say, I had a tremendous bruising on my arm for weeks after that.

The most difficult part of having Keir was waiiting the first few hours for the amniocentisis and then waiting for the C-section, plus the never ending blood tests and doctor’s visits. The genetic testing, then the bloodwork, and amniocentisis, and the special injections of RhoGam that I had to receive because I’m blood type A-. But, waiting for the results of this second Amniocentisis was very uncomfortable because they made me stay lying down on this very uncomfortable cot, not really a proper bed — half propped up and half lying down. I felt like I was sufffocating while watching NBC’s Good Morning America on the TV that was on in the room the entire time while my sore left arm was throbbing from the blood testing vein poking done earlier. Dr. Miller, the male doctor that did my amniocentisis was very straightforward and explained everything. The amniocentisis wasn’t that bad, especially compared with the earlier vein poking episode in my arm. Peter was there with me for the whole procedure, and we made a joke that he should sit down in case he fainted over me during the procedure, and I explained that he hadn’t had any breakfast either, poor guy! All these interns/residents came in to ask me more questions, and then I finally got the results that the babies’ lungs were ready and I could have him born that day! That was exciting news, but there was a traffic jam in the surgery rooms, so I had to wait and wait until about 1:30pm before they finally had me walk to the operatiing room. I got up on the table while Peter changed into some scrubs. He had to wait outside while they gave me a spinal/epidural. I was instructed to sit on the table with my feet together and back hunched over while they injected the needle. It was a little painful, but the worst part was that the room was freezing and I started shivering.– partly from nerves, partly from cold, and partly from low blood pressure from lying on that awful cot for so long. It seemed like the anesthesia took a very long time, and I started to get worried that they would start cutting before I was numb. Dr. Sandy Yeum, my OB/GYN assured me that she wouldn’t start the procedure until I was numb and they keept testing my face and then my torso with a cold compress to see if I could still feel. She pinched me and I said ouch! But finally the anesthia started working and they let Peter come into the operating room.. While I was lying on the table with both arms stretched out like on a cross, I started shivering a lot , but once the anesthesia started working, I felt warmer. All these different people kept looking at me to ask if I was okay. There was a funny Asian guy that I think was the chief anesthetist, but I’m not sure. He looked at me upside down and asked if I was okay. For a minute, I thought it was Peter. Peter took forever to come into the room. I guess they wouldn’t let him until I was sedated/numb enough. Doctor Yeum asked him if he had brought his camera and he had left it with his knapsack in the other room and it was too late to get it! I was so scared, more than I was with Ellery for some reason. I guess because I was so cold and still feeling things.. I finally got numb enough and they started cutting. I could still feel a bit, especially when they got down to the last layers of Uterine tissue, and then suddenly, the sounds of a baby crying. Peter said he could see Keir crying with his head sticking out of my body before they had totally taken him out.. Very different from Ellery who was much quieter and only did a big pee when he came out and didn’t cry at all. After they cleaned Keir and weighed and measured him, they brought him to me and put him right up to my face so that he was routing around on my face! I gave him a big kiss and a quick look and then they took him away! Then I felt much better knowing that they would be closing me up. I asked them to show me the Placenta and so they brought it over in a stainless steel tray. It really did look like a hugh red steak or something. Yuck! But interesting nonetheless. I had wanted to donate the cord blood etc. and even brought a kit to the hospital, but was sad to hear that the doctor wasn’t able to get the correct materials for donation. I never really understood the explaination fo why and I honestly feel like they just could’n’t be bothered with it, but maybe they really did try and didn’t have the right equipment. In any case, I had to have one of the nurses go hunting for the box for me, since it had some personal confidential information in it. I asked for it as I was shivering in the recovery area. It was so sweet and nice when Peter was sitting by my side and said that he had to excuse himself to go off and cry somewhere because he was overcome with emotions. It made me feel very proud and honored to hear him say that. I was very cold and shivery, but felt better when they put a heating pad on me and wheeled me to my private room. Peter stayed with me on this sad little fold-out chair with one sheet and a pillow,. I thought I was better and tried to eat an ice cube, but felt like I was about to puke, so I had to stop that. I don’t remember when I finally ate something. I think it was in the middle of the night when I finally had a bit of Jello or something. They finally brought Keir into our room after what seemed like an eternity and I started nursing him right away. He caught on (no pun intended) much faster than Ellery did and was nursing well from the first night, but my breasts were killing me! They hurt so much at first, I thought something was wrong and that he wasn’t latching properly. The nursery nurse said something about “they are like little baracuddas” and it totally felt like that at first. There was also a missunderstanding and Keir was given a bottle one night instead of being brought to me. I got reallly engourged and uncomfortable after that, but I kept nursing him and it got a bit better. After being home with him for a week or so, the pain finally stopped and I realized that he was nursing properly and my nipples just needed to get used to nursing a baby again. I needed to get my calluses back, so to speak. I was very close to finding a lactation consultant, but then the pain went away and nursing was fine. (I purchased a special “hooter hider” that made nursing in public much more discrete and easy. I’m a bit shy and don’t want someone staring at my ta ta’s while I’m nursing.) I nursed Keir in the hospital about every 3 hours and I didn’t get much more sleep than I did when I was in the hospital with Ellery. I did manage to sleep for a few hours one night and felt a bit better the next day. Standing up and walking to the bathroom is always the worst the day after. They make you get up to walk around and it is just awful. You feel dizzy and nauseous and it is so difficult to move after a c-section. The fear is worse than the actual pain a lof ot the timeā€¦. so afraid you’ll rip your stitches getting out of the bed etc. And going to the bathroom. Peter was helping me one time and I pulled the emergency call cord by accident. All of the sudden two nurses were in the room asking if I was okay. Oops! We got to take Keir home the day before July 4th and Peter brought grandma Daniela and Ellery to see me and Keir on the second day. Ellery was more interested in playing with the bed controls than looking at Keir. He sort of ignored him when he came into the room and wanted us to put him back in his bed. Ellery got an “I’m a big brother” sticker from the hospital. I was so glad I brought my boppy nursing pillow from home and my own bathrobe. It made the stay more comfortable. When it was time for us to all go home on July 3rd, Peter and I started feeling like we wanted to stay where all the nurses and staff could still help us! “Oh no, we’re on our own now!”. Peter was a nervous wreck driving Keir home from the hospital. He looked so tiny in his Graco Snugride car seat and it was a very hot day. We made it home okay and my mother, father and Ellery were there to greet us. Mom made us dinner and Dad brought me some flowers.

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