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This blog, online journal, weblog or whatever you want to call it, is intended as a chronicle to remember events, places we’ve visited and various news from the lives of Peter, Thea, Ellery and Keir (a.k.a. “The Sampson Family”). It is also a place for members of the family to post thoughts and opinions about interesting places to go, fun recreational ideas, and great places to eat in our neighborhood or places we’ve traveled to.

Most of the posts will probably be from me, Thea, but hopefully we can manage to get Peter to make a post or two, and even Ellery and Keir when they learn to spell and type.

Our cat, Asia, will just have to look cute, furry and grey.

Since, the rest of our relatives are mostly scattered around the country, and world, this blog will be a nice way to keep a record of what we’ve been up to, for other family and friends to see.

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