Ellery is a baby model!

I first sent Ellery’s photos to modeling agencies almost a year ago, and after one modeling job for Knit 1 Magazine in September 2006, Ellery wasn’t called in for any possible work until today. Now he has been called for two "go-sees" just this past week.

Today we went to a “go-see” to be on the cover of the April issue of Parenting Magazine. We got there early and were the 30th applicant. By the time we left, the numbers were up to 74 and more parents with babies were arriving, so the chances of him getting booked for this one are pretty slim.

We also went to a “go-see” last Thursday for a possible medical editorial. Ellery was still getting over his ear infection, so he wasn’t very smiley that day. The photographer said he got some good photos, but we haven’t heard anything yet.

The exciting news is that the winter issue of Vogue Knitting’s Knit 1 magazine is on the stands and Ellery is featured wearing a knit hoodie on page 48! I’m so proud of him. He looks fantastic in the photo. After looking for the magazine everywhere, we finally found a copy at our local Barnes and Noble. It was a proud parent moment! Peter and I have already bought four copies to keep and give to the grandparents. I’m also keeping a copy hermetically sealed under plastic so he can see it in ten years to show all his friends.

Even if he doesn’t get any more modeling jobs, this one photo was worth the trouble of schlepping him to “go-see” — not to mention that he made a few bucks for the college fund as well.