Ellery is Walking!

It’s finally happening at 16 months and 3 weeks; Ellery has started taking more than two steps without holding onto anything. I was in the bedroom with him today and I looked over at him and he was toddling over to the door. It was a wonderful sight, and so cute the way he holds his arms out for balance. I was starting to think this day would never come, but it’s finally here. They say, “Late walker, earlier talker.” and that is certainly the case with Ellery. He talks up a storm now, repeating all sorts of words that we say (we have to be careful now).  He has a pretty large vocabulary: dog, fan, cheese, air (short for airplane), kitty, feet, knock-knock, go-go-go, more, duck, vac (short for vacuum) and the list goes on.  He loves airplanes and whenever he sees one outside the window or when I’m taking him for a stroll, he points and says “air!”

Ellery is a baby model!

I first sent Ellery’s photos to modeling agencies almost a year ago, and after one modeling job for Knit 1 Magazine in September 2006, Ellery wasn’t called in for any possible work until today. Now he has been called for two "go-sees" just this past week.

Today we went to a “go-see” to be on the cover of the April issue of Parenting Magazine. We got there early and were the 30th applicant. By the time we left, the numbers were up to 74 and more parents with babies were arriving, so the chances of him getting booked for this one are pretty slim.

We also went to a “go-see” last Thursday for a possible medical editorial. Ellery was still getting over his ear infection, so he wasn’t very smiley that day. The photographer said he got some good photos, but we haven’t heard anything yet.

The exciting news is that the winter issue of Vogue Knitting’s Knit 1 magazine is on the stands and Ellery is featured wearing a knit hoodie on page 48! I’m so proud of him. He looks fantastic in the photo. After looking for the magazine everywhere, we finally found a copy at our local Barnes and Noble. It was a proud parent moment! Peter and I have already bought four copies to keep and give to the grandparents. I’m also keeping a copy hermetically sealed under plastic so he can see it in ten years to show all his friends.

Even if he doesn’t get any more modeling jobs, this one photo was worth the trouble of schlepping him to “go-see” — not to mention that he made a few bucks for the college fund as well.

The ear infection and the head cold (a.k.a. The never-ending sickness)

Poor Ellery! Poor me! Poor everyone! Starting the day before Thanksgiving, Ellery became very ill. He started having a mild runny nose on Monday, November 20th (the day Peter left for England) but the symptoms just got worse and worse until Thanksgiving, when I took his temperature and it was 100.8. He was very cranky and not himself. He hardly ate any of our non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner of Turkey Lasagna and Italian Turkey sausage. He usually loves pasta and sausage. They are some of the few foods he will eat.

I was so worried about Ellery that I started making a record of his temperature and the times I gave him medication (Tylenol). By the day after Thanksgiving, his temperature went up to 103 and I called the pediatrician’s office. I left a message with the answering service but didn’t get a call back because the doctor on call had a medical emergency himself. His wife was giving birth and we got lost in the shuffle. Every time I gave Ellery Tylenol, his temperature would go down, sometimes even to normal and he would start acting much better, but after his nap on Saturday his temperature shot back up to 104 so I called the doctor’s answering service again and we finally got a call back.

The doctor apologized and explained the situation with the other doctor’s wife giving birth, but he also said that it wasn’t an excuse and we should have been called. After I explained Ellery’s situation and that he seemed to be complaining when we touched his right ear, and having trouble sleeping lying down, The doctor offered to meet us for special hours in his office on Sunday. The office in Manhattan was closed, but he came in especially to see Ellery and a couple of other children with medical emergencies.

Thank goodness we brought Ellery in to see the doctor, because it turned out to be a bacterial ear infection in his right ear. The doctor took one look in his right ear and could see immediately that Ellery needed antibiotics. Thank goodness my mother was helping me and was able to drive us into Manhattan and then to the drug store to pick up the prescription. It was for Amoxicillin and I was instructed to keep it refrigerated and give it to Ellery two times per day. I was dreading giving him the medicine, but another thank goodness, he liked the taste of the medicine. I told him it was orange sherbet. Since he doesn’t even know what sherbet is yet, I don’t think it really made a difference, but the orange flavor that the pharmacy puts into the medicine certainly did.

About a week after Thanksgiving, I finally stopped taking notes, because Ellery didn’t feel hot anymore and his nose was drying-up. He was starting to get that sparkle back in his eyes, and so far he is doing much better. He has a follow-up appointment with the doctor next week to make sure that the infection has cleared up completely, and to get his second flu shot that he was supposed to get last week, but couldn’t because of the ear infection. I hope the antibiotics worked. They seem to have done the trick even though the doctor said there could be a 7% failure rate with Amoxicillin. Fingers crossed….

And then of course, after this ordeal, I came down with a head cold with chest congestion, and my mother, and my father did as well. It must have been from spending time with Ellery on Thanksgiving when he was so ill. Only Peter and our cat Asia remained unscathed.

Ellery is 16 months old!

Ellery is now 16 months old. He is cuter than ever and I think he is finally getting some more teeth. Some of the bottom molars are now coming in. It seems like he’s had the same eight bottom and top front teeth forever (or at least since he first started getting teeth) and I was starting to wonder if the other ones would ever come in. Finally, more teeth!

Walking, stomach bug and a full moon.

Poor Ellery has some sort of stomach bug. He had his first projectile vomiting last night at dinner. He didn’t quite seem himself all day and wouldn’t take his naps the way he normally does. He cried a lot when we put him in his crib for his nap. He also didn’t seem to have much of an appetite and was being extra finicky. At dinner, Peter gave him a jar of butternut squash and Ellery proceeded to puke most of it up. Being silly parents, we cleaned him up and tried to feed him again. We gave him cheese cubes and Peter thought that maybe he was just feeding Ellery too fast and that’s why he puked, but Ellery refused the cheese cubes and even cheese puffs (Pirate’s Booty) that he loves. He then puked again all over Peter when Peter was holding him. So we took him upstairs for a bath and directly to bed. Today I just nursed him and gave him mostly liquids. He has diarrhea now, but no more vomiting or fever, so I think he will be okay. A little scary at first though. And, of course last night, Sunday, it was a full moon.

In happier news, Ellery is just about ready to walk on his own. We bought him his first pair of shoes last week. Some really nice Italian made boots from a company called Melania. They are grey and black with nice maroon and turquoise trim. Ellery has started pushing his Radio Flyer walker wagon all by himself and can now walk by only holding onto one of our hands. He looks so proud and happy when he pushes the wagon by himself.